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The mission of Floodlight Open is to improve the lives of people with MS, and provide physicians and scientists with invaluable information. By joining, you may gain a better awareness of own changes to your health, and help power a potential revolution when it comes to how we research and think about MS.

Multiple sclerosis can be insidious and highly individual. With daily information gathered from people around the world living with MS, physicians and researchers can begin to develop a clearer and more continuous picture of the reality people living with MS face and ultimately improve care.

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Floodlight Open has the potential to enhance understanding and change the way we see MS, but it takes all of us to make it happen. Every new participant means new data that could make all the difference.

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Floodlight Open is for Everyone

Floodlight Open is a study that anybody can be a part of, not just people living with MS. No matter where you are in your MS journey, your participation in Floodlight Open is what will make a difference.

Your data is anonymised and open access, open for study participants, open for physicians and open for researchers. For a better picture and someday, better care.

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For Scientists & Physicians

By enrolling your patients in Floodlight Open, you can use the data for your own research.

Floodlight Open data easily integrates with independent research and existing clinical data. Researchers will have open access to the complete dataset, opening up new fields of study and ways to collaborate.

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For scientist

The Floodlight Open platform has been developed for research purposes only. You should keep your doctor informed about any health changes as you normally would.

Data and information provided on the FLOODLIGHT platform are not intended for use in the diagnosis of diseases or other conditions, or in the cure, mitigation, treatment or prevention of disease/conditions. Neither the app nor any other part of the platform is intended to provide support to clinical decision making, diagnostics, place a medical opinion or give any treatment recommendation.

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Questions about Floodlight Open?

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Yes, Floodlight Open is free and open to everyone.

As a minimum, it’s recommended that you do active tests at least once a week. But you can do active tests once a day for better results. The more tasks you perform within Floodlight Open, the better your data will be.

All data within Floodlight Open is anonymous. When you sign up to join Floodlight Open, you are given a unique user ID#. All your personal data goes through that number, maintaining your anonymity within Floodlight Open.