How it Works

Floodlight Open measures your ability to perform simple tasks on your smartphone with the aim of understanding the effects of MS on your brain, hands and body. Each data point from each person contributes to a unique and open dataset designed to help move MS research forward.


Through Floodlight Open we hope to create a more holistic view of MS. By engaging with Floodlight on a regular basis, you generate data for yourself, and join thousands of others to build a unique open access dataset.

Your contribution will help researchers understand more about the potential to use smartphones and digital assessments in managing complex conditions like MS, advance the science of active measurement and passive monitoring and be used by researchers around the world to analyze results in independent and collaborative studies.

Floodlight Open puts the power to understand MS in your hands. Your participation advances the science of smartphone monitoring and may lead to better care.


Download the app for free, read and sign the consent form, and become part of Floodlight Open.


Perform simple tasks daily (or as often as you can) and see how your performance changes over time on the app or online.


Your data is anonymised and automatically shared with the Floodlight Open community, physicians and scientists.  If you want to share your individual data with your doctor or anyone else, you can do so via your unique ID.

Measuring cognition, hand motor function and mobility. These simple tasks were designed by physicians to help you understand your personal journey. And the more we know about you, the better we know MS.

Mood testMatching symbols

Quick daily questions about how you feel to understand your well-being and mood. Matching symbol tasks to help measure how quickly you process information.

Squash tomatoDraw shape

Hand Motor Function tasks designed by physicians to measure manual dexterity, strength and precision over time.

Two minute walkBalance

Walking and posture tasks measure changes in your mobility, stability, speed, and balance.

Passive Monitoring

Passive monitoring makes it possible to see incremental changes in the way you move throughout the day. Gathering information on activity to understand how your health affects your life.


For Scientists & Physicians

By enrolling your patients in Floodlight Open, you can use the data for your own research.

Floodlight Open data easily integrates with independent research and existing clinical data. Researchers will have open access to the complete dataset, opening up new fields of study and ways to collaborate.

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