For Scientists

The purpose of Floodlight Open is to advance the science behind smartphone monitoring in MS. Everyone can access the complete dataset - patients can compare their information and performance over time and scientists/physicians can integrate the digital assessments in their own research.

For Physicians

Floodlight Open is an important step in unlocking the potential of real-time remote patient monitoring.
With Floodlight Open individual patients will perform tasks relating to cognition, hand motor function and mobility. Performance data may be tracked over time and integrated with research in clinical practice.

Working with floodlight

Floodlight Open does not replace current standards of care and clinical examinations.

Floodlight Open offers exploratory digital data with the aim of creating a dynamic picture of MS.

All Floodlight data may be accessed via this portal via .CSV download or using our API’s. You may download the complete dataset, access specific populations or individual contributions.

Everyone Can Participate


Subject consents, downloads app and receives a Floodlight Open unique identifier.

Daily assessments

Subject performs daily assessments (tasks) & tracks performance.

Summary dashboards

Subject and physician use Floodlight Open summary dashboards to track results.

*Summary dashboards are available on the Floodlight Open portal and the smartphone application.

Explore the Tests

Brain, Hand, and Mobility tasks take approximately 5-10 minutes to complete in total. It is recommended to perform these simple tasks at approximately the same time each day.

Accessing Data Sets

Floodlight Open data is available for download as .CSV. and is accessible through APIs.

Please visit this page on a desktop to use this feature and download datasets

Download Complete Dataset

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