Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about Floodlight Open?

Yes, Floodlight Open is free and open to everyone.

Anyone is welcome to join Floodlight Open, with or without permission from a doctor. However, we recommend informing your doctor about your decision to participate in the study.

It is possible to download and use Floodlight on any phone, but the ability to passively monitor your disease progression is only available on Android phones. Due to Apple’s privacy agreement, data collected passively will not be visible within Floodlight Open.

When you sign up for Floodlight Open, you are required to fill out some simple information and sign a few forms. Once this process is complete you will receive an ID number through email to keep your data anonymous.

As a minimum, it’s recommended that you do active tests at least once a week. But you can do active tests once a day for better results. The more tasks you perform within Floodlight Open, the better your data will be.

All data within Floodlight Open is anonymous. When you sign up to join Floodlight Open, you are given a unique user ID#. All your personal data goes through that number, maintaining your anonymity within Floodlight Open.

Floodlight Open allows everyone to access anonymised data any time through the Floodlight Open portal. It also allows you to share your own data on your terms. By providing your physician or health care provider with your personal ID# they can view your results.

Floodlight Open is more than just an app, or an online community, or a symptom tracker. It’s a whole new way of looking at, and thinking about, MS developed through clinical trials that uses smartphone sensors to gather data. Empowering patients, physicians, and scientists with information that, until now, simply didn’t exist.