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Understanding MS together. The power to make the invisible visible is in your hands.

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What is Floodlight Open?

Floodlight Open is a study that we hope one day will allow participants, physicians and scientists to monitor MS symptoms and health over time using a smartphone. With the ultimate goal of creating practical tools to improve the lives of people living with MS.

Understanding MS

MS is an insidious and unpredictable disease that can be hard to track and measure. Floodlight Open aims to fill in the gaps and help complete a more holistic picture with the hope to one day help improve care.

Why join

Floodlight Open is powered by you. The more we know about your personal journey, the more we can learn about MS. Each data point from each person contributes to a unique and open dataset designed to help move MS research forward.

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Understand you

The act of monitoring your health may make you more conscious of changes in your body and help you and your physician communicate.

Understanding flow

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Measuring MS

Floodlight Open measures your ability to perform simple tasks on your smartphone. These digital tasks have been designed by leading MS specialists and are based on traditional clinical assessments used to understand the effects of MS on the brain, hands and body.

A quick daily question about how you feel.

Matching symbols to digits measures how quickly you process information.

This task is designed to measure changes in hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

Drawing a shape measures the speed and accuracy of hand and finger movements.

This task measures how you walk and your ability to change direction.

Walking quickly for 2 minutes measures your stamina and mobility.

Standing still for 30 seconds measures posture and stability.

Gathering information on activity to understand how your health affects your life.

Measure what is measurable and make measurable what is not so.

- Galileo Galilei

Why Join?

Importance of Tracking MS

Multiple sclerosis can be insidious, unpredictable and highly individual. With daily information gathered from people around the world living with MS, physicians and scientists can begin to develop a clearer and more continuous picture of the reality people living with MS face and ultimately improve care.

Open for Everyone

Your data is collected in real-time, anonymized and analyzed. The anonymized dataset is open for study participants, physicians and scientists to access. For a better picture of MS and, someday, better care.

Join a community

When you join Floodlight Open, you become a part of something bigger. A group of people who are contributing to a growing dataset of invaluable information, and potentially paving the way for future breakthroughs.


For Scientists & Physicians

By enrolling your patients in Floodlight Open, you can use the data for your own research.

Floodlight Open data easily integrates with independent research and existing clinical data. Researchers will have open access to the complete dataset, opening up new fields of study and ways to collaborate.

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